Switzerland: Fondue in Lucerne

Switzerland | February 27, 2015 | By

We couldn’t leave Switzerland without a fondue post! Especially fondue eaten right next to the famous wooden footbridge, the Kapellbrücke in gorgeous Lucerne. I don’t need to say much about fondue. Melted cheese, freshly cubed bread. It’s an amazingly unhealthy and amazingly delicious dish. It was a beautiful day, it’s been a great week, and we love Switzerland!

Switzerland: Saffron Risotto

Switzerland | February 27, 2015 | By

When thinking about Swiss ingredients, cheese and sausages come to mind, but saffron? That’s Spain or Iran.  To our surprise we learned that it’s grown and used in the southern regions of Switzerland. This recipe is from the Ticino area, which borders Italy and the official language is Italian. Don’t worry though, it’s served with cheese and sausage too.

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Switzerland: Bundner Gerstensuppe – Winter Barley Soup

Switzerland | February 27, 2015 | By

We’re deep into winter here, with snow on the ground and more to come. Lord knows we could use some succor from the chill, and Bundner Gerstensuppe offers just such a wintry respite.  It’s one of those soups that lights up a meal on a dark February night, stick-to-your-guts home cooking: smoky and thick, rich with bacon fat and sour cream and the added bonus of beef hot dogs, which are a welcome presence in any soup. Don’t believe me?  Just follow this recipe, and you’ll be adding them to just about every soup you make from now on.  


Switzerland: Grison Beef Stew

Switzerland | February 26, 2015 | By

We had some stew beef in the fridge, but finding an authentic Swiss beef stew recipe was tough. We finally stumbled upon the Grison Beef Stew. From the Graubünden region in the Alps, this is all about a satisfying, filling, cold weather meal. It’s a simple stew but we could only find one recipe for it online, so we took some liberties. The basic recipe is pretty standard – onions, bacon and cubes of stew meat braised in a beef stock and red wine liquid. The twist is that you add a layer of cabbage over the top. We wanted to turn this into a one-dish dinner so we added mushrooms for a little extra body and cubed turnips for starch. A big dollop of mustard provided the sharp counterpoint to the richness of the stew.

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Switzerland: Raclette in Gruyere

Switzerland | February 25, 2015 | By

Last time I visited Switzerland, we took a day trip to Gruyere. It was gorgeous. We visited a medieval castle, took a tour of a chocolate factory, and appreciated the idyllic setting.


Switzerland: Bratwurst and Onion Sauce

Switzerland | February 24, 2015 | By

We’ve got it on record that this is an authentic, traditional Swiss dish. It’s great with Rosti and a crunchy salad. 

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Switzerland: Rösti

Switzerland | February 23, 2015 | By

Welcome to Swiss Week! We here at Food Explorer Blog are excited to introduce a country that is  special to all four of us.