Costa Rica: Tamales

Costa Rica | July 10, 2015 | By

We’re not gonna lie, this isn’t a weeknight meal that can be simply thrown together. These tamales took us 2 days to make. Even with our trusty pressure cooker we didn’t have the stamina to power through in one evening. But the results are worth it. A tender morsel of pork embedded in masa, potato and rice with a few other things tossed in for good measure, resulted in something unusual and delicious and that’s what food explorer is all about. The banana leaf wrapping was something we had never seen before and it imparted it’s own flavor after 2 hours of boiling.

In Costa Rica making tamales are a Christmas tradition, probably because it takes a whole family and a lot of time to make them. We’re glad we tried making and we’d recommend them as a family project, just set aside a whole day or two to do it.

Here’s a recipe that we followed.


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